Sunday, January 15, 2023

My Adventures in Painting with Handmade Watercolor

 Hello all,

It has been a while since I have written a blog post.  I have been spending time maintaining a presence on Instagram.  But with all the algorithm problems lately, I thought I should revisit blogging and maybe branch out to other platforms as well, in an effort to connect with more lovely people.

So let us play catch up on what I have been doing over on Instagram. In February of 2021 I participated in my first art challenge with Sarah from @its_art_oclock .  For the past couple of years she has hosted a February Floral Alphabet art challenge, where you paint a flower a day according to the prompts. A is for Amaranthus, B is for Bachelors Button, C is for Columbine and so on. It was a really fun challenge to be a part of and Sarah is so welcoming to everyone of every skill level.

While painting for this art challenge I was discovered and approached by Lindsey Starr from who makes handmade watercolors.  She sent me some paint to try out and eventually asked if I would be one of her Brand Ambassadors.  After trying out her paint, and falling in love with it, I agreed.  I have painted for many years with watercolors, but I had never heard of handmade watercolors before.  The quality of this paint came as a big surprise!

Unboxing is so fun.  Lindsey sends along extra goodies.

I chose to work with Artistic Isle because these paints are made in the USA and are professional grade, comparable to Daniel Smith and Holbein.  They are lightfast (don't fade over time) and activate quickly with just a little water. They are also non-toxic, made with organic ingredients (which helps when my cat decided to eat the paint!), plus they are packaged with biodegradable plastic and paper.  It also makes me feel good to support a small business with a real person you can chat with when you have questions.  Not to mention the fun and unique colors Lindsey comes up with.  Her specialty seems to be amazing metallic colors that really shimmer!

Snow & Cocoa
I painted this one with some of the goodies I received in the Winter Unboxing video above.

Part of my Artistic Isle Collection of handmade paints

A little of this paint goes a long way.  It is very long lasting and very pigmented.  I would recommend using a ceramic palette for mixing.  The paint pools better and doesn't bead up.  If you use plastic that is fine too.  I have both.  I use a plastic palette that folds up if I am out and about painting. 

If you want to give Artistic Isle Handmade Paint a try, use my code Debra15 for 15% off a $25 or more purchase.  This code is good through the end of January 2023.

If you want to follow me on Instagram to see what I create daily go to @debramejiaillustration

Happy Painting!

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