Friday, October 14, 2011

Classic Eye

I was looking for an eyeshadow that could work for an everyday or special occasion look.  
I found the perfect palette at Sephora.
With four shadows and a liner, the Almost Nude Number 9 palette from the Sephora collection, is just what I need to make a great classic eye or smokey look.

The palette includes Universal Beige, Beige Pink, Dying for Fudge, Sun Kissed, 
and Liner in Dark Grey

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mad Men Style Collection

I have been eagerly awaiting the new season of Mad Men.  However, I think the show's creator and AMC are still in dispute.  While this is very upsetting, I am happy that the show has had an influence on fashion.  So I guess I will have to console myself  with the clothes.  

Banana Republic has a new Mad Men Collection that is wonderful.

Banana Republic is not the only place that has been influenced by the show and its 50's-60's fashions.

Belted Houndstooth Sheath Dress with Rosette - Dress Barn $59.99
Nylon Mary Anne Handbag - Kate Spade $345
Bengal Rose Shoes - Aerosoles $79

Herringbone Surplice Sheath Dress - Dress Barn $39.99

Belted Plaid Split Neckline Dress - Dress Barn $49.99

Plaid Envelope Dress - Dress Barn $44.99

Pleated Bodice Satin Sheath with Belt - Dress Barn $39.99

Cleo and Antony - Shabby Apple $130

Primavera - Shabby Apple $84

Spanish Steps - Shabby Apple $86

Gold Coast Mary Anne - Kate Spade $445

Hundred Yrs Satchel - Nine West $99

Hundred Yrs Satchel in Ruby Multi - Nine West $99

Frances Pointed Toe Pumps - Nine West  $79 at Macy's

Kooper Platform Pumps - Chinese Laundry $71 at Macy's

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks

I just think it is great that the August 2011 issue of Lucky magazine has Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on their cover.  It is so refreshing to see a woman with a curvy figure on a cover of a magazine.  I would like to see more representation of women who are of all shapes and ages.  

Christina Hendricks

A full figured woman used to be the epitome of beauty.  

Solfia Loren

Kim Novak

Jane Russell

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Cat Max

Last week I had to put my cat Max to sleep.  He was 17 years old and had kidney failure.  It was a really sad day for me.  Of all the cats I've had, Max had the most gentle personality.  He was really the best cat.

Max was born from a stray in my Mom's garage.  
I took this photo to try to find him a home.  
When I couldn't find anyone to take him, I brought him home with me.

I already had a cat named Kitten, when I took Max in.  I was hesitant to take Max because I knew Kitten was not going to be happy about it.  It was a rocky beginning, and in fact, Kitten never really forgave me for bringing Max home.  Hard to believe a cat could hold a grudge for 17 years, but its true.

My daughter and Max under the Christmas tree.

Max doing  his favorite thing.  
He loved to be in the center of every occasion, and being on top of wrapping paper was an added bonus.

I used Max as inspiration for this bookmark I painted several years ago.

My daughter drew this picture of Max for this post as her farewell to him.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chocolate Volcano

My daughter's new favorite place to eat is The Rainforest Cafe.  
After her Python Pasta, she just had to have a Volcano Dessert.  
She was nice enough to share it with everyone.  
It was decadent and delicious!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time For Tea

I came across this site for a tea salon that looks so fun and lovely. 
 I just had to share.

The Crown & Crumpet
Tea Salon
located at
207  Ghirardelli Square
900 North Point
San Francisco, Ca. 94109

Although they have done away with their breakfast menu, 
they say we must watch for their 
"new, updated and frightfully exciting Elevenses, Nuncheon and Tiffin Menus".  
Hmmmm... very mysterious words.
Sounds like something a Hobbit might say.

They currently offer Lunch and Afternoon Tea.

38 different types of tea are available.  
You can even select a blend brewed specifically for you.
I am intrigued by a tea especially created for Crown & Crumpet called "Are You Knackered".  Apparently it is a blend of many teas (black, green yerba mate, ginseng and ginger root) designed to "give you a lift during your hectic day".   
Who couldn't use a lift during a hectic day?

They say if you aren't in the mood for  tea and are
 "feeling Jane Austen-ish why not try a glass of: sherry, madeira or port.

There is also a Crown & Crumpet Store onsite, with an online store coming soon.

Definitely tea time!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A History of Fashion

My friend Janney invited me to an art exhibit at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It is called Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915.

The museum's description:
The Exhibition tells the story of fashion's aesthetic and technical development from the Age of Enlightenment to World War I.

Janney and I were fascinated with the amount of layers that people had to put on everyday.  And we couldn't get over the equipment like corsets and bustles that had to go under a dress.

This one reminded us both of something Jane Austen might wear.

Then after viewing all those beautiful dresses, we had to go get 
coffee and pastries at the Farmer's Market to celebrate the fact that 
we don't have to wear corsets and bustles!

Here's my friend Janney enjoying her treat.

On the LACMA website there is even a chance to 
download some of the patterns of these amazing garments.