Friday, October 5, 2012

Rose Gold Watches

Rose Gold Watches

After repeatedly putting new batteries in my old silver Guess watch, I finally have to admit that it died.  And although it was an inexpensive watch, I really loved it.

It's hard for me to find watches that fit my wrist.  I really like the large face watches but can not wear them because my wrist is too small.  In fact, I can wear my 6 year old daughter's Minnie Mouse watch.  Pretty sad, I know.

Most of us don't even need to wear watches anymore.  We all check the time with our mobile phones.  I wear a watch more like a bracelet, a fashion statement.  So right now, without a one, I feel underdressed.

For so many years I have worn silver and white gold, but these new rose gold watches have really captured my attention.  Here are a couple that I have my eye on.

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