Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jane Austen Comic Books!?

Yes, there really are Jane Austen comic books!  I was at the comic book store with my daughter, getting her a couple of comics when, to my amazement, I spotted these adaptations of Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

This cover of Pride and Prejudice really made me laugh with all it's captions:
"Who is Mr. Darcy?"
"Bingleys bring bling to Britain"
"How to cure your boy-crazy sisters!"
"17 secrets about summer dresses"
"Lizzy on love, loss, and living"

The cover is fun on the Pride and Prejudice book, but I think the artwork of the Emma book is a little more in keeping with the feel of Jane Austen.  The writer who did the adaptation is Nancy Butler and the artist for Emma is Janet K. Lee,

Just another fun way to enjoy Jane Austen!


  1. What a discovery ! I'd never heard of these - its a great way to introduce and make this appealing to a younger crowd.

  2. I'm so glad you posted this! I would've never thought. So cool!