Monday, July 7, 2014

Am I Blue? New Revlon Nail Polish!

I've been jealous of everyone's blue nail polish lately.  My favorite bottle of Avon Lagoon blue polish dried up a couple of years ago and I just hadn't found a blue that I liked as well.  However, this weekend my daughter and I were in Walmart searching for our favorite blues.  After walking the cosmetic isles a couple of times we agreed on Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy in Northern Lights and Revlon Parfumerie in Surf Spray.  The Northern Lights is extra fun because you can wear it two ways. One side of the bottle has the opaque blue and the other side has a clear glittery over coat.

We were sporting our new blue polish this past weekend when we went to the Natural History Museum.  The kids were able to work some water wheels to get his huge plastic frog to shoot a stream of water into this huge plastic flower we are standing under, getting splashed I might add!


  1. It's so gorgeous! I love the way it sparkles.

  2. How sweet that you two sported matching blue polish! Blue is such a fun color for the summer since it's reminiscent of the ocean :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I was just looking through my mom's nail polishes this morning and she got an amazing electric blue one from Avon that I am looking forward to trying.

  4. Gorgeous shade!!! My sweet sister often gives me at least one bottle of nail polish as part of her lovely birthday (and Christmas) gifts and this year's was a beautiful, azure sea worthy shade from Essie, so I'm jumping on the blue polish band wagon with you this summer. :)

    ♥ Jessica