Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Favorite Art Supply

     I have been asked to write a few words describing my favorite art supply or tool.  So here I am looking around my studio at all these tools and supplies that I take for granted every day, trying to figure out which is my favorite.  Which one of these tools is the one I just can’t do without?

     Thinking back to my days at University when I was required to paint with only 3 colors (magenta, cyan, yellow) plus black and white, I don’t want to give up the wealth of Windsor Newton water colors I have now.  I love my Burnt Siena, Permanent Rose, Sap Green, and Naples Yellow.  This list goes far beyond these beautiful and versatile pigments.  So, not giving up the watercolors then.

     If I can’t do without my watercolors, then I can’t give up my bouncy little paint brushes that keep their shape and come back to a point when I dip them in my paint cup.

     I have been contemplating relinquishing my old Hello Kitty water cup that a friend gave me so many years ago when we went to high school together.  This little paint cup started life as a thermos for my lunch box, but it became the perfect traveling paint cup when I started University.  With a swinging handle and plastic body, it has been durable, light-weight, and unbreakable. I can not bring myself to throw out my old paint cup.

     Hmm… what next?  Pencils?  Nope, I need those humble and most basic of tools to sketch with.  And if I have my pencils, I will need my Panasonic Auto Stop Electric Pencil Sharpener.  Nothing drives me crazier then having unsharpened pencils!  Of course, dull X-acto blades drive me a little bonkers also.

     Ok, I can’t seem to give anything up.  They are all my favorites.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a glutton for art supplies.  Going into an art supply store is like going into a candy shop… I want it all!


  1. As an artist, I think you're entitled to have multiple favorites when it comes to art supplies. I know I certainly couldn't choose just one favorite camera or lens :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. HaHaHa Debra! I would keep them all to! All are needed and you make beautiful creations with them.

  3. Wow! this is such an awesome illustration. Have an amazing day!