Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sale This Week At Jessica Cangiano's Etsy Vintage Shop!

In the spirit of Halloween, Jessica Cangiano has put everything in her store on sale for 31% off. This is the deepest discount she's ever offered to date in the shop and it will be the only sale before the Christmas season rolls around, so if you've been eyeing something (or ten things!) over at Chronically Vintage on Etsy, now is definitely the time to buy!

Isn't this scarf cute?

ON SALE - Rare vintage Vera It's Raining Cats and Dogs scarf - cute 1950s 60s hand rolled novelty print cat and dog scarf with umbrellas - on sale for $26.22


  1. The scarf is really cute! She has pretty things on etsy!:)

  2. That's a cute scarf!