Friday, February 6, 2015

DIY Bluestar Cat Valentine's Day Tag - Free Download

My daughter is very into the Warriors books by Erin Hunter and her favorite character is a cat named Bluestar.  So this year for her class Valentine's Day exchange we decided to do a DIY Bluestar tag for some paw print pencils I found online on the Oriental Trading company website.  These pencils came in a pack of 24 for $4.25.  Which is perfect because there are 24 kids in my daughter's class.

I traced one of my daughter's drawings of her version of Bluestar and painted it in watercolor then lined it with a black Micron pen.  I also painted a heart and paw print for the border.  My daughter came up with the saying "I'm never blue when I'm with you".  Then I scanned this all into an Illustrator file.  I printed it on cardstock and used a mini Fiskars hole-punch to make two holes to slide a 1/8" (3mm) red satin ribbon through it to tie the tag on the pencil.

So if anyone else is a fan of Bluestar, Warriors, or Kitty Cats, here is a free downloadable PDF file for your own little Valentine's Tags that can be used to tie around pencils, candies or any other treats you can think of:)

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. So very cute D!
    Very creative. Have a great weekend.

  2. Ok, these are super cute! I did some student teaching in a 5-8 school. Some of my girls loved those books!