Saturday, November 12, 2016

Do You Need A Second Closet?

Not enough space for your shoe collection?  Do you wish you had a second closet?  Try!  They will take your extra stuff and store it for you, then bring it back when you need it again.  How amazing is that?  Check out their locations.

I know I'm not alone in the constant struggle for closet space.  I especially feel it when the seasons change.  Right now it is still really hot in Southern California, so we are still wearing our summer clothes. But I am longing for a cool down, and the chance to wear  some of my Fall outfits.  Luckily my sister has invited me to visit her in San Francisco.  I'm so excited to get the chance to buy a real winter jacket, some new sweaters and some boots.  Since we plan on doing a lot of walking and sight-seeing, I have my eye on something stylish yet comfy like the Carter Suede Ankle Booties by Coach, or the Elisabeth Shooties by Naturalizer.  My third option are the INC International Concepts Laini block-Heel Booties.  Ok, so the third option does have a higher heel, and I'm not sure how much walking I'll be able to do in them , but hey, they are super cute!!

It would be great to not have to limit ourselves.  Have one closet for Spring/Summer and a second for Fall/Winter!

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