Friday, January 19, 2018

Queen Victoria Watercolor Sketch

I was so excited to watch the second season debut of the Masterpiece series Victoria on PBS this past Sunday.  It really brings history to life!  I'm intrigued by historical shows and books.  I always wonder how people conducted their daily lives in the past.  Of course one of my favorite things to see is the fashion from this Victorian era.  What a lot of research the costume designer, Rosalind Ebbut, must have done to come up with such exquisite designs.  

And to think that a monarch who reigned over an empire was so tiny. It is said Queen Victoria was only four feet eleven.  In this production of Victoria, the queen is portrayed beautifully by the petite Jenna Coleman, who I loved from the Doctor Who series.

Here is a watercolor sketch I did of Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria.  I added a little acrylic paint on top of the watercolor for some details.  Do you like my really expensive blue paper plate palette that I used for the acrylic paint?  I must admit that trying to clean up dried up acrylic paint off a palette drives me a little bonkers, so to avoid that frustration I just use something disposable.  

I am so looking forward to Sunday for the second episode in this lavish series!  I hear that some of Yorkshire's most famous stately homes such as Castle Howard and Bramham Park stand in for the royal residences of Kensington Palace and Windsor Castle.  I'll have to pay special attention to that next time.

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