Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pasadena Sidewalk Chalk Festival

Last year I was listening to the radio and heard about the Pasadena sidewalk chalk festival, but I was too busy that weekend and couldn't go.  I did call my friend Carmen who lives in Pasadena to tell her it was going on, but she was also busy that weekend.

Well this year Carmen called me to ask me and my daughter, Sandra to go see the festival with her.  So off we went to Pasadena!

The weather was perfect for being outside.  And it was fun to see all the artists out in the 
Paseo Colorado shopping center.

This shopping center is unusual in that it has shops and restaurants on the ground level with apartments above them.

It was interesting to see the different subject matter that each artist chose to portray.

Sandra enjoying the festival.

Here is an artist's interpretation of Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are.  I wanted to see this one's completion, but Sandra started getting hungry so off we went for lunch.

After lunch we just had to go to our favorite cupcake place in Pasadena.  Dots! Yum!!

Sandra and I in front of Dots (Carmen is behind the camera).  We tried 6 different mini cupcakes.  Each one we tried was so delicious.  I liked the Dulce de Leche and the Coconut.  Sandra liked the Chocolate Mint and the Red Velvet.  My friend Carmen had the Carmelita flavor.


  1. What a fun outing! It would be so cool to see them all, and to get to watch the artists work! And cupcakes are probably the best way to cap it off :)

  2. This would be such a fun afternoon event! People are so talented in random ways...