Saturday, July 20, 2013

1950's Style Tea Party Dress

Hip Hop 50's Shop has come out with some delightful vintage inspired dresses.  There were two dresses that caught my eye immediately.  One is a black and white polka dot wiggle dress and this Vintage 50's Tea Party Dress is the other.  There was only a momentary struggle and then this Tea Party dress won out, which is strange because I usually always go for the tighter wiggle dress style.  But the beautiful black and white floral print really appealed to me, along with the square neckline and the little short sleeves.  I also love the black sash that ties up into a bow in the back, not to mention the tulle petticoat peaking out at the hemline.

I think this dress has a versatility to it that would enable anyone to wear it to a couple of different occasions.  If I added a hat with a little veil or a fascinator, a pearl necklace, and some black pumps, I would certainly feel dressed for high tea at the Ritz or a lovely tea party hosted by a friend.

You can add an extra Crinoline Petticoat under this dress to give it a fuller look.  With this extra petticoat, some red strappy heels, silver hoop earrings, and a red clutch purse, I would be ready to go out dancing!  Can't you just picture Elizabeth Taylor or Ava Gardner enjoying themselves at the Copacabana in this dress?

And it goes without saying I would definitely be all set for a retro 50's party.

Where would you wear this fun and flirty dress?


  1. Oh, that is so cute!! If it were sleeveless, I would be in it in a minute! It would be so sweet to wear with kitten heels for brunch :)

  2. What a darling dress! You chose well my friend, that is super cute!