Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paperchase at Target

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My daughter and I were at Target, because we are always at Target, and we fell in love with this line of products  called Wonderland by Paperchase.  I love Paperchase stores.  I have to stay away from good stationery stores.  I can't help buying things I don't actually need.  It's like candy to me!.  I used to visit the Borders book store near my last house and stroll through their Paperchase stationery section.  Sadly Borders is no more, and I haven't looked for a Paperchase store near my new place yet.  But now they have partnered up with Target to do some limited lines.

Wonderland is this cute stationery and gift line with a new take on Alice in Wonderland by the artist Jill Phillips out of the UK.  I think her style is adorable.

My daughter had to get this little set for her lunch box.

Unfortunately I couldn't find this line on the Target or Paperchase website, even though it's in the stores right now.
Paperchase does have this other cute line for Target called cutie hootie on the Paperchase website right now.


  1. These are now on clearance or at least the are at the Target near me! Not sure why they're not n Target's website.

  2. They are on clearance here at target near me. Yet, still didn't want to pay 8 dollars for a school planner on clearance. I will wait. Super cute though