Friday, November 29, 2013

Loving the Joseph Eichler Home!

It is amazing to me that houses designed in post-World War II still look so modern.  I love the open plan and glass walls that invite the outdoors inside.

Joseph Eichler was very proud of the homes he built and you can tell that by a statement he made in the 1960's:
"There are other builders who efficiently produce well-built houses and sell at a fair profit.  The purchaser of one of these will get a good value.  We believe our houses go beyond this because much more thought and care go into them.  Nothing is spent for frills or gimmicks.  Beauty is achieved by the architect's skill in designing details, his blend of materials and proper proportions, and above all, the exercise of good taste.  In short, we produce a work of art that has gained international reputation."
- from the book "Design for Living Eichler Homes" by Jerry Ditto and Lanning Stern

Eichler homes were built for average families, but they have a custom-designed appearance.  They look  like this because the award winning architects who designed them also designed for individual clients.

Not exactly the tract homes they through together now!

There are real estate firms who specialize in selling Eichler houses.  I have fun looking at all the beautiful homes for sale!  Socalmodern is one of these firms.

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  1. I love floor to ceiling windows! (Except. In winter-brr!)