Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Year's Eve Cocktail Dress And A Watercolor Test Sketch

The upcoming new year has me in organizing mode.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I've been going through my art supplies and discovered some tubes of paint that are in bad shape.  Lids have cracked, tubes have split open, and paint has dried up.  Hmmm.... , I think it is time for an art supply shopping trip!! I'm in the mood to try something new.  Back in October I visited Art Supply Warehouse for one of their great tote bag full of freebies sales and this little Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Dot Try It Card was included.  If you want to try one, you can order it from their website for $5.99.  I finally got around to trying mine out today while I have a little piece and quiet on a Sunday.  Although I couldn't achieve a really deep color wash with these little dots, they did give me some idea of the colors and how they will lay down on the paper.  I really like the jadeite and amethyst colors.  I also had fun with the red fuchsite ad sugilite beacuse they've got some sparkle to them.  I always love a little sparkle! ✨

So here's my little watercolor test sheet and sketch of the perfect little cocktail dress for the New Year's Eve party you might be invited to.  The Maggy London Illusion Yoke Crepe Sheath is available at Nordstrom. 

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Have a Happy New Year!

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