Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Week Of Herbs - Cute Herb Markers

Now that I have finally planted my herbs, I need some really cute herb markers!  I've found some good options on Etsy, but haven't decided which ones yet.  Here's my short list:

These Chalkboard Signs from sierrametaldesign are really cute.  They come in a set of 15 for $65.

I really like this Vintage Silverware Garden Marker from WoodenHive and it is only $7.00

This is a custom set of 8 wood garden sticks for $12.00 from Shanesbirdhouses.  Also cute.  I'm having a hard time making up my mind!

I know this isn't a garden marker, but I liked it so much, I included it in this post.  It could go in the garden or the kitchen!  This vintage rustic hand painted wood herb sign is by kspeddler for $75.


  1. I had been looking for some too… then I came across a few plastic ones and used them on my little herb garden. A week later a chicken (my neighbours') had decided that she wanted to live in my planter and removed them and killed my carrots and other recently planted goodies. :(

  2. Oh no! I suspect a rabbit is getting in my patio through a hole in the fence, because I found some bite marks in my basil. I hope you can replant and find a way to keep the chicken out!

  3. So cute! I liked my little stone markers I made, and I bought a set of spoons for my mom that are really cute. In fact, she thinks they're too pretty to put outside! :)

  4. Oh these are lovely! My favourite is the last wooden marker! :D