Saturday, April 5, 2014

Revisiting The Dream World Of Putfolia

Last year my daughter wanted to share her Dream World of Putfolia with you in the post Imagination.  This year trouble has come to Putfolia and she wants to type out the story all on her own for all of you.

Putfolia used to be a magical place. USED to be. But now the '' Evil Queen of Nightmares '' or so she calls herself (she is really Bluestar's friend Firestar) has taken Queen Bluestar's place!!! Come help all of the Putfolians ( and Bluestar ) save Putfolia! All you have to do is print this sheet and fill in the blank in the MEMBERSHIP card and give enough love points and Putfolia will be saved!!! - Sandra


  1. Super cute illustration! Thanks for stopping by sweety, have a great creative week ahead!

  2. Aww your daughter has such a lovely imagination and it looks as if she has your artistic talent as well :) I hope Putfolia will be saved.

    Rowena @ rolala loves